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Let’s get to know each other. We’re excited to learn about you and share why Cohesity is a great place to work.

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What to Expect During Your Interview

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We’ll focus on the whole package during your interviews. Your skills, experiences, and knowledge are important parts of your story, but we'll also want to learn about your thought process, how you approach situations, and what’s important to you.

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Your interviewer is not here to stump you, they want you to succeed. If you need clarification, ask questions. If you don’t know the answer, ask for a small prompt and we’ll work on it together. We want you to shine and show us the best version of yourself.

Tell Us About Yourself

What do we need to know to see the real you? Be prepared to tell us about yourself and what you would bring to the team.

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  • Share how your achievements and experience relate to the role.
  • Be ready to brag a little. We want to hear about your kudos, leadership roles, and best projects.
  • Tell us about how you like to work. What’s your approach?
  • Be ready with the details. We’ll want to go in-depth about what you’ve done.
  • Give us some of the nitty-gritty. We want to hear about challenges and how you’ve overcome them.
  • Consider the STAR method. We’re big fans (and if you don’t know it, Google it)!

Our Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

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Choose a location where you’ll feel comfortable
Pick a quiet place – at home, a reserved room in a library, a secluded spot outside
Avoid distractions like extra noise, windy spots, people behind you
Select somewhere you can stay focused and show us your best self

Get Your Questions Answered

Interviewing is a two-way street. You should be learning as much about Cohesity as we are about you.

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Ask us anything!

  • What is the culture like?
  • How would you describe an average day on the job?
  • Is there room for growth?

Resources to Help You Learn About Cohesity

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