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We are building a culture focused on high-performance, development, and belonging.

At Cohesity, culture is a business imperative. Something that gives us a strategic advantage, and enables a compelling employee experience.

Our core values (symbolized in the acronym “RADIO” below) guide the choices we make, and how we treat our customers—and one another.

Supporting the values, we also believe in and align ourselves with a unique set of cultural guidelines. Chief among these is “Be Humble. Keep Learning,” coined by our founder and CEO Mohit Aron.

Cohesity’s cultural guidelines:

Our core values are our foundation, and are the baseline expectations we have for all Cohesians. We encourage Cohesians to “tune in” to these additional cultural guidelines to bring their best to Cohesity. We strongly believe if we model these values and behaviors, we can amplify our individual and Cohesity’s success.

At Cohesity, we work hard and play hard. We enjoy celebrating our successes and our differences. We have big dreams and we are accomplishing amazing things in the world of technology. We are proud of our RADIO values, and we’re always looking for new Cohesians to join us who exemplify these values.

Check out these Cohesians doing life@cohesity!

We give back to our communities

We celebrate diversity

We party like rock stars!

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