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Getting hired at Cohesity

Learn about what you can expect from our hiring process.

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Our hiring process

Our hiring process

Make your introduction

First things first. Find an open position that matches your skills and career ambitions and send us your polished resume.

1 Hiring Process Application Review

Let's get to know you

Once we receive your application materials our team of recruiters will look at your details and get in touch if they’re interested in knowing you better!

2 Hiring Process Get to Know

Meet the team

If we’re interested in what you could bring to Cohesity, we’ll schedule a series of interviews to help us learn more about you, and give you an opportunity to meet the team and learn more about us.

3 Hiring Process Meet The Team

Decision time

Once we’re done with the interview process, it’s time to decide whether you’ll be a good fit for the Cohesity team.

4 Hiring Process Decision Time

Let's make it official!

If we think you’re a great fit, it’s offer time! We’ll go over the details of your offer with you and iron out all the details before it’s time to sign.

5 Hiring Process Make it Official

Your new career

Welcome to Cohesity! We’ll get you up to speed during our fantastic onboarding process, which will provide you all the information you need to know about the job, company culture, your benefits, and more.

6 Hiring Process New Career
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